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An arborist is a certified professional who has been trained in the science and practice of tree care

People go to the hospital to get the best treatment from medical experts. Likewise, trees have the same needs and the most effective tree care services can only be provided by a qualified arborist.

Some reasons why you should use an arborist include:

  • Arborists can expertly and efficiently assess the condition of a tree and offer cost-effective solutions that will save you money in the long-term.
  • Arborists are certified professionals with the education, expertise and experience vital for excellent tree care.
  • Arborists can recommend the correct tools or methods depending on the situation to achieve the best long-term results for the customer, the tree and the environment.

Arborists versus tree loppers

When it comes to tree care, the cheapest price is not necessarily the least costly option. The few dollars you save now may be spent in the future if your tree has been lopped by an insufficiently trained tree worker.

Lopping is a method of pruning a tree that does not comply with the Australian Standards. When a tree is lopped it is pruned or cut in a vulnerable area that will provide an opening for diseases to enter and which will detrimentally affect the transportation of nutrients around the tree.

A tree lopper who lacks the proper education, expertise and experience of an arborist will not only cost you more money in the long-term but may also endanger, deteriorate or even kill your tree. Poorly lopped trees will require more frequent remedial treatment, which typically means further costly visits.

Arborist Brisbane

With Arbor Operations in Brisbane you have the confidence the job will be done properly while adhering to the highest standards at all times. We guarantee a cost-effective long solution which is an advantage where the tree loppers fail.

With Arbor Operations – ‘We get it right’.

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