Educational Institutions

Arbor Operations help to provide a safe school environment

Arbor Operations specialises in providing tree care services to all types of educational institutions, including:

  • State primary schools
  • State high schools
  • Private schools
  • Independently-run schools
  • Universities
  • Technical colleges
  • Private and independent tertiary institutions

It is the responsibility of all educational institutions to provide the best education and a safe environment for their students and faculty staff. Trees are a necessary presence with school grounds because they are aesthetically pleasing and provide shade as well as effective cooling from the harsh Australian sun. Neglected trees however can threaten the safety of the children playing beneath them and the building infrastructure located around them.

Arborists play a crucial role in creating and maintaining a safe school environment

  • Arborists can deal with tree-related safety matters on school grounds such as raised roots and stumps that may cause accidents/injuries or even trees that have grown and developed in a way that creates a hazard to the school community and/or surrounding buildings.
  • Arborists can be responsible in creating and maintaining the school surroundings to achieve the appropriate aesthetic impact for the school community.
  • Arborists can offer advice on the proper assessment, maintenance and management of your school’s trees.
  • Tree management is a fundamental step in making your education institution a safe place for everyone. Ask Arbor Operations about preparing a tree management plan for your school.

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