Stump Grinding Brisbane QLD

Stump grinding by professional arborists

Tree stump removal is something that many people do not think about until they have to cut down a tree. There is nothing worse than an unsightly tree stump standing out in the middle of your garden. Arbor Operations in Brisbane use a range of stump grinding equipment to safely and efficiently remove the stump.

Advantages of stump grinding by an arborist

Our skill, expertise and technology allow us to uproot stumps of any size. With the use of ground penetrating radar we can determine the extent of the roots and provide you with an accurate quote prior to removal of the stump.

It is important to keep in mind stumps can be a safety hazard and they can also act as a home for termites.

Other advantages of stump grinding

Grinding a tree stump will remove an eye sore stump and any future threats to your home as old tree stumps create perfects nests for white ants. White ants will build their colony in the stump and eat their way along the root system as they tunnel their way to your house.

Improve the appearance and safety of your garden, park or school with our stump grinding services.  Arbor Operations, based in Brisbane, has the experience and equipment to handle your stump grinding project.

Stump Grinding Brisbane

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