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The difference between tree trimming and tree pruning

For many of our clients, tree trimming and tree pruning are thought to be similar. You may even come across tree loppers who’ll use the two interchangeably.

But there is a difference between tree pruning and tree trimming; and here’s why.

Tree pruning

Proper maintenance and care is required for the optimal health and longevity of your trees. If trees are not properly cared for they can become diseased and potentially become a threat to people and to property.

Tree pruning by an arborist takes into consideration the continued health and growth of the tree; not just the here and now. The benefit of this is your trees will look healthy for longer as opposed to ragged from being arbitrarily cut.

There are safety reasons for having your trees pruned by an arborist such as:

  • Stopping trees from impacting power lines or telecommunication cables
  • Removing accidents and hazards of weak overextended branches

Tree pruning is the science of maintaining and keeping trees healthy, tree trimming on the other hand is for removing overgrown bushes that otherwise prevent shrubs from getting enough light and moisture.

Tree trimming Brisbane

Essentially, tree trimming is for aesthetics. Trimming is for tidying the appearance of a hedge or small shrub by trimming overgrown branches. It is also used to shape hedges and encourage growth.  When it comes to trees this is often referred to as crowning, as you don’t generally want to shape a tree.

Arbor Operations team of qualified and skilled arborists can help you with your backyard, school, golf course or university. If you’d like to know please contact us.

Tree trimming vs tree pruning

Arbor Operations have a team of qualified and skilled arborists who offer a range of tree care and maintenance services. From tree pruning to stump grinding and removal, we’ve got what you need.

While most people seem to agree the two terms are interchangeable there is a technical difference. However, if you call and ask Arbor Operations on a quote for trimming the trees in your backyard we’re not exactly going to correct you. Because, after all, the end result (from an arborist) is the same. Your property will look good. Your trees will look good as well as healthy. And you’ll be satisfied with the results.

What Arbor Operations can do for you

Arbor Operations’ range of tree care services will help you maintain healthy trees. Not only you’re your trees be potentially safer (there’s less chance a healthy tree’s branch will snap off and injure someone) but also look good.

If you would like to know more about what Arbor Operations can do for you, or to request a quote, contact us today.

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