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Choosing Mulch For A Vegetable Garden | A Complete Guide

Young Mulched Tomatoes In The Garden

Mulching plays a vital role in maintaining the health and beauty of Australian gardens, including vegetable gardens. It regulates soil temperature, helps conserve moisture, suppresses weeds, and enhances soil fertility. Here is a comprehensive guide to the benefits of mulching, the different types of mulches, and the best mulch for…

The 17 Most Popular Native Australian Trees

Native Australian Trees - Native Frangipani

Australia has over 24,000 species of native plants and trees, and they not only provide shade and enhance the aesthetics of a landscape, they also provide food and shelter for a range of wildlife from bees and koalas to birds and frogs. Here are 17 of the most popular native…

The Different Types Of Lime Trees & How To Grow Them

Lime Tree Care

Citrus trees are some of the most popular small evergreen trees in Australia, and lime trees are definitely up there in terms of the best Australian fruit trees.There are at least twenty types — including hybrid varieties — but the most popular are the Kaffir Lime, Tahitian Lime, Finger Lime…

The Best Australian Flowering Trees | Add A Burst Of Colour To Your Garden

Australian Flowering Trees - Jacaranda

Nothing epitomises Spring more than a burst of flowering colour from your favourite tree. Many of the best Australian flowering trees also produce blooms that exude a divine perfume as well. Here is a guide to some of our favourites. If colour is your primary motivator for choosing a flowering…

How To Prune Trees | Tree Trimming Tips

How To Prune Trees

Although trees in natural environments typically grow well on their own, others require a higher level of care to maintain their aesthetics and structural integrity. (more…)

The Ultimate List Of Trees With Non-Invasive Roots

Fruiting Tree - Chinese Pistachio

Whilst some trees can be a real asset to your outdoor space, others can become a nightmare to manage, particularly those with invasive roots. These can cause the destabilisation of house foundations and can damage the underground pipework that handles sewerage and wastewater. (more…)

How To Grow An Olive Tree

Grow An Olive Tree

Olive trees are one of the world’s oldest cultivated trees. In fact, they were grown before the written language was even invented! They are tough, drought-hardy, versatile, easy to grow and add a lovely aesthetic to any garden with their beautiful silver foliage. (more…)

How To Grow A Jacaranda Tree | Easy Step-By-Step Guide

Jacaranda Tree City

Loved for its vibrant purple flowers and lush summer foliage, the jacaranda tree is a common sight across most of Australia’s capital cities. From Perth to Sydney, you can find these elegant trees blooming from late October through to early December, leaving brilliant puddles of violet petals in the streets.…

15 Magnificent Gum Trees (Eucalyptus) With Pictures

Red Flowering Gum Tree

There are over 700 species of the magnificent gum tree, most of which come from Australia. They are a fast-growing evergreen species that tend to have a smooth or fibrous bark, leaves with oil glands, and fruits that are called “gumnuts.” They can make a nice addition to your Aussie…

13 Best Magnolia Trees That Money Can Buy

Saucer Magnolia

There’s nothing quite like a magnolia to herald the start of spring, and with winter on the way out, you may be looking to these magnificent – and varied – plants to bring a little life back into your backyard. Available in a variety of sizes and aesthetics, magnolias are…

How To Grow An Avocado Tree At Home, The Easy Way

Avocado Tree - Growing From Seed

In the decades before they became a cultural phenomenon, Australians mostly consumed avocados in only two dishes — served with a salad or accompanying prawn cocktails. But that has certainly changed! (more…)

How To Grow A Dragon Tree In Your Garden | Top Tips

Dragon Tree - Dragos Gemelos

There is nothing subtle about the Dragon Tree (Dracaena draco). It is a stunning specimen tree that is hugely popular with landscapers because of its naturally strong and striking architectural features. It is also evergreen, drought-tolerant, can live for hundreds of years, and will grow in warmer as well as…

20 Wonderful Palm Trees For Your Australian Garden

European Fan Palm

Palm trees belong to the Arecaceae family of perennial flowering plants. They are typically characterised by an unbranched stem and large, evergreen leaves (known as fronds) that are arranged around the top of the plant. There are two main types of palm trees — pinnate and palmate. Pinnate palms have…

The Best Coniferous Trees To Plant In Australia + Images

Around the world, coniferous trees are loved for their distinctive needle-like foliage and vibrant colouration. While they are most commonly associated with the forests and gardens of the Northern Hemisphere, coniferous trees are a versatile addition to Australian gardens. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and colours,…

The 27 Tallest Trees In The World | Huge Trees + Images

Tallest Trees Menara

From tiny seeds grow the tallest trees in the world that soar incredible distances into the sky. Like all trees, they stabilise climates, clean the air and absorb greenhouse gases. Some are considered sacred among communities and recognised for how they provide people with shelter, water, medicines and livelihoods. (more…)

The Best Elm Trees for Your Australian Garden

Weeping Elm Tree

Did you know that Australia is home to some of the most important elms in the world? It’s true! When elm populations in Europe and North America were being decimated by the Dutch elm disease, Australia’s trees were able to mature in safety, lining avenues and filling parks half a…

The Best Deciduous Trees For Australian Gardens

Lipstick Maple

Many Australian gardens and landscapes are filled with a variety of trees. Trees offer a range of benefits from providing shade to filtering the air we breathe and providing habitats for wildlife. And, of course, trees have a range of aesthetic qualities that enhance outdoor spaces due to their shape,…

The Very Best Weeping Trees For Small Gardens

Weeping Trees - Japanese Maple

Weeping trees are used widely as ornamental feature trees in gardens. They include many flowering varieties, including ornamental fruit trees that are wonderful weeping trees for small gardens and larger ones as well! Here are some of the more popular weeping trees in Australia. (more…)

The Best Low Maintenance Trees For Your Garden [+Images]

Low Maintenance Trees - Japanese Maple

All gardens need trees — as focal points, to attract birdlife, for shade, and for the well-being of the environment and ourselves. And there is nothing better than popping out to your courtyard to grab a fresh lemon from a potted citrus tree or seeking out a cool spot in…

22 Of The Very Best Australian Fruit Trees [Guide + Images]

Crabapple Tree

Growing your own fruit trees to maturity is among the most rewarding of gardening activities. Whether you’re after a home orchard, a large shade tree that provides edible produce, or a more compact version that will brighten up your courtyard or balcony, the options are endless! And the best part?…

The Most Beautiful Trees In The World | Breathtaking Images

Trees are some of the oldest living organisms in the world and come in every shape, size and colour imaginable. From the famous cherry blossoms of Japan and giant sequoias of California to the butterfly-covered trunks in Mexico’s cloud forests, they are one of the most breathtaking natural wonders found…

Trees With Invasive Roots In Australia | Avoid These Trees!

Evergreen Figs

Whilst some trees can be a real asset to your garden, others can become a challenge to manage. This is particularly the case with trees that have invasive roots, as some tree roots have been known to travel up to thirty metres away from their tree base! (more…)

The 18 Best Trees For Pots In Australia [+Images]

There’s no doubt about it—plants are good for you. They reduce your stress levels, your chances of depression, and can even improve your memory! Their mental and emotional health benefits have been well documented, so we’ve created this comprehensive list of the best trees for pots in Australia. (more…)

18 Fast Growing Trees For Quick Privacy [Article]

Japanese Maple True

Trees are a wonderful addition to a garden. They provide shade, privacy, can filter out unwanted views, and create habitats and food for creatures of all shapes and sizes. Some trees grow faster than others, and those that grow quickly should reach a generous height in around five to seven…

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