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The Very Best Australian Trees

Crepe Myrtle

Trees have a place in every garden — from inner city courtyards and suburban backyards to sprawling country estates that stretch as far as the eye can see. As well as adding beauty to landscapes, trees can provide shade, block out unwanted views, attract bees, provide homes for native birds,…

13 Of The Best Privacy Plants In Australia

Coastal Rosemary

People plant hedges and trees for a variety of reasons—they look beautiful, attract wildlife, provide oxygen, and they create privacy for those who’d prefer their neighbours not to peep into their homes. Privacy plants are a fantastic way to create “screening” in your garden, whether from the street or surrounding…

Common Tree Diseases In Australia

Myrtle Rust

Despite the Australian Government’s strict biosecurity, plenty of tree diseases have made their way into the country, some of which are devastating to our precious flora. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most common tree diseases in Australia, to help you identify problems in your own garden. (more…)

The Greatest Small Evergreen Trees In Australia

Citrus Tree

Evergreen trees are those that retain their leaves and lush greenness all year-round. Trees of this kind also keep their shape and form and need little maintenance in terms of leaf litter clean-up. With spring in full swing, now is the perfect opportunity to update your garden, but what varieties…

5 Of The Best Trees With Small Root Systems In Australia

Australia is a wonderfully diverse country, spanning almost 4,000 kilometres from top to bottom, covering two of the earth’s climate zones. The sheer size of our country means that it’s able to host a huge variety of animals and plants, including a diverse range of trees. (more…)

15 Weird & Wonderful Tree Facts

Trees are one of the oldest living species on earth. They’ve had millions of years to spread across the globe, adapting to their environment along the way, and creating a diverse array of species with charming quirks and characteristics. (more…)

What Does An Arborist Do?

What Does An Arborist Do?

Trees are vital to life. They’re the biggest and oldest species on earth—from backyard natives to the towering eucalyptuses found in our parks, trees provide a range of social, economic, health, and environmental benefits. (more…)

6 Queensland Native Trees For Your Garden

Elaeocarpus Eumundi Tree

Queensland is a mammoth Australian state covering almost two million square kilometres—roughly the same size as Spain, Sweden, Morocco, and Iraq put together. Its immensity provides it with high geographical diversity, including tropical rainforests, rivers, coral reefs, mountains, and beaches, which are home to thousands of animals and plants, bringing…

How To Plant A Tree Step by Step

How To Plant A Tree

Planting trees in the backyard is an excellent way to add beauty, shade and privacy to your home. If you’re not sure how to plant a tree, no need to worry. This article shows you the best way to plant a tree with practical tree planting tips. (more…)

Dangers of DIY Tree Removal

Dangers of DIY Tree Removal

Did you know that tree felling ranks as one of the deadliest occupations in the world? While DIY tree removal may seem easy, successful tree removal is quite an involved process, requiring an in-depth understanding of tree physics, biology, advanced tree cutting techniques, and expertise in working with dangerous tools…

9 Subtle Signs of Tree Disease You Might Miss

signs of tree disease

Did you know a tree with an undiagnosed disease may become so sick that it can topple over? It’s true: It may even spread its disease to the surrounding trees in your backyard? This article investigates the signs of a sick tree, sick tree treatment and what you can do…

How To Mulch Your Garden With Organic Mulch

how to mulch your garden

Mulching with organic mulch like wood chip mulch is one of the best ways to grow and maintain a lush, healthy garden. Done well, mulching your landscape with an organic mulch helps improve the nutrients in your soil and encourages growth. (more…)

Do You Need an Expert Tree Surgeon?

Here at Arbor Operations, we are dedicated to the ethical and effective management of trees If you are in need of an expert tree surgeon, our highly-trained team of arborists are here to help. We are passionate about trees and maintaining a green and healthy environment. As the urban sprawl…

Essential Winter Gardening Tips

Our essential winter gardening tips will motivate you to get out there no matter the weather. In this article, we will guide you on the do’s and don’ts of winter gardening and how to get the best out of what you’re growing. Winter gardening in Australia offers those with a…

As Backyards Shrink, Community Gardens Grow

As we move closer to the city and trade houses for apartments, how can we still get some green space? As population studies confirm, our cities are becoming denser and standard housing block sizes are getting smaller. Suburban blocks can range anywhere from 200 sqm to 350sqm (or roughly half what…

The Biggest Mistakes Queensland Apartment Owners Make

Have you purchased an apartment or considering purchasing in the future? Every day, homeowners and investors all across Australia buy strata titled apartments without fully understanding what the body corporate is all about. Across Queensland, there is more than 45,000 body corporate's managing over 400,000 apartments and townhouses. That means…

Before You Cut Down Trees

Property is a big investment. Whether you are buying a home, a business or looking into property development; creating a safe and environmentally friendly environment should always be top of mind. Trees are a pleasing aesthetic and contribute to a greener, healthier environment. With the many benefits that come with…

The Greening Effect Of The Commonwealth Games

Sustainability a focus for the Commonwealth Games Over the years sustainability has become an integral focal point for major sporting events such as Olympic and Commonwealth Games and the Soccer World Cup. Environmental impacts such as pollution, degradation of trees and destruction of green spaces can be the aftermath of…

Protecting West End’s iconic 100 year old trees

old trees healthy

Local property developer Stockwell contracted the team at Arbor Operations to help protect some of West End’s iconic 100-year-old trees. While Stockwell commences redevelopments on Ferry Road, Arbor Operations has been entrusted with the task of employing cutting-edge technology to protect the magnificent century-old trees in West End. “In order to keep these beloved…

Hottest Week on Record in Brisbane: A Warning to Protect Your Garden

Queensland is gearing up for one of its hottest weeks on record this week, with temperatures set to spike at around 32 degrees by Wednesday – and for many home owners that could prove disastrous for gardens. Brisbane gardening expert Peter Mumford, who owns Arbor Operations, warned home owners and…

Are you a landscaper looking for an arborist?

experienced arborists at Arbor Operations

If you are a landscaper looking to extend the services you offer, why not team up with the professional and experienced arborists at Arbor Operations to be able to offer a wider range of services to your clients. At Arbor Operations, we have extensive experience when it comes to collaborating…

Tree lopper vs arborist: which is cheaper & better for your property?

Tree lopper v Arborist which one is cheaper, and which one is better for your property

Or; why you should leaf it to the experts A tree lopper is an unqualified, non-certified person who cuts trees for a nominal fee. And their objectives are purely short-term. They—typically—neither know nor care about the long-term health of the plant they are cutting. An arborist, on the other hand,…

6 things to help you prepare for storm season

With storm season well and truly here, is your home and office prepared? Summer has arrived, and “with over one million lightning strikes in just the first week, emergency services have been kept busy.”[1] These lightning strikes, in the first week of December, have seen four people require emergency care…

Why you will want to hire an arborist

An arborist is cheaper for you and better for the environment At first glance, a tree lopper may appear to be cheaper. However, a study conducted in 2012 showed that over a 9 year period choosing a tree lopper can actually end up costing you more. In fact, you could…

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