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Arbor Operations in Brisbane encourage feedback from our customers

Without feedback Arbor Operations cannot improve on a continuous basis. We aim for a high level of customer service but if you feel we have not achieved this please feel free to point out where we have gone wrong; similarly if we have achieved this please also let the Managing Director know so he can reward the staff.

Complaints policy

Critical to our success in achieving our quality goals are our dedicated staff, many of whom are long serving, who share responsibility for satisfying our clients with a safe and healthy work environment. To identify areas for potential improvement, our customers are encouraged to offer feedback or suggestions on any aspect of our company. In particular, they are encouraged to report any product and service problems. We undertake to give such matters out prompt attention and follow-up or respond as appropriate.

Arbor Operations in Brisbane aim to ensure our services are beyond reproach and our customer service is highly effective. Any customer complaints are to be dealt with within seven business days and solutions implemented to ensure the complaint does not reoccur. If you have a complaint the process is outlined by the procedure below.

Complaints procedure

  1. Any complaints should be firstly directed to the department that is causing the problem. If you feel that you cannot do this then move to step 2.
  2. Please write directly to the Managing Director and send to PO Box 122, Virginia QLD 4014, or email the managing director on sales@arboroperations.com.au
  3. The Managing Director will then investigate the complaint with the relevant person named in the complaint and request a written report on the situation and what action was initially taken to resolve the initial complaint; and a report on the complaint received.
  4. If the staff member is unable to resolve the issue then the complaint is returned to the Managing Director for further action.
  5. All complaints are recorded in our customer complaints register and the action taken is also recorded.
  6. The Managing Director will write to the client advising them of the outcome of the complaint within seven business days.
  7. Upon resolution of the complaint any identified issues that require a new policy or procedure must be written and implemented within a further seven business days.
  8. If the complaint cannot be resolved satisfactorily by the Managing Director an external mediator will be appointed to hear both sides and come to some resolution that is amicable to both parties.
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