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Only the most efficient equipment is used

Arbor Operations know that no amount of money can compensate for the trust that our clients give us. We make use of only the most efficient state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a cost-effective outcome for our clients. Arbor Operations’ equipment is well maintained and displays our logo and signage prominently.

Servicing records are maintained for all equipment. Some of the equipment we use are:

Stump Grinding Unit

Stump grinding is a demanding task and it is necessary to employ the right equipment to perform the task safely and efficiently.

Our stump grinding equipment includes:

  • Mitsubishi Tipper
  • Vermeer SC505 Tracked Stump Grinder
  • Kanga Terminator Stump Grinder
  • Red Roo Tracked Stump Grinder (for tight access)

Arbor Operations stump grinding units can efficiently perform even the most demanding stump grinding projects. Our range of stump grinders have the capacity to deal with even toughest stumps and will remove your tree stump without fuss.

Our teams wear a distinctive, neat and sun safe high-visibility uniform to allow for easy identification at all times. Teams wear steel capped boots, hard hats, ear and eye protection at all times while working on site. We are always mindful that our work sites are often a high-profile or public location, or a client’s home or place of business.

For safety reasons, our strict company policy is that NO person other than Arbor Operations personnel may be in the immediate vicinity of, or participate in, tree or landscaping works undertaken.


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