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Arbor Operations in the media

Our team of certified professionals at Arbor Operations want to educate our local community on the best approach to tree care. As part of this initiative, Peter Mumford, senior arborist and owner of Arbor Operations, has collaborated with many online forums and newspapers to help broadcast information, news and tips. See below for Arbor Operations in the media:

Arbor Operations were happy to share some valuable landscaping knowledge, with two of the biggest radio stations in the Sunshine Coast, Zinc 96.1 and Hot 91.1. They received a great result, with both of them reaching ‘top stories’ on the home pages.

How to avoid costly mistakes on your landscaping project

Peter Mumford from Arbor Operations spoke to Auzzi Australia about the importance of choosing the right tree species for your landscaping project.

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As Backyards Shrink Community Gardens Grow

With backyards shrinking and high density living on the rise inner city residents are flocking to dedicated community gardens to reconnect with the environment and for the chance to harvest their own food.

Listen to Peter Mumford’s interview below on the importance of Community Gardens.


Always leave your tree pruning to the professionals

Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt injured several ribs and a wrist in a bad fall, 3.5m from a ladder while pruning a tree at home. This is a perfect example of why we should always leave it to the professionals! Especially when it comes to pruning trees.

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Read up on Tree Pruning your way to a safer summer here

For more information on tree pruning with the qualified professionals at Arbor Operations, click here.


Leafy streets and tree-filled backyards can add up to $20,000 to house prices

It might seem obvious, but now it’s official. Living in a green leafy suburb and even planting trees in your own backyard, can add a significant amount of money to the value of your home…

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This article also appeared on WAtodayThe Age, Sydney Morning Herald, The Canberra Times, Queensland Country Life and North Queensland Register.



Mansion owners spend thousands of dollars to craft exotic garden

Brisbane homeowners and developers are greening up their gardens in a bid to increase property values and buyer interest…

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The little known trick to increasing the value of your home by an average $20,000

Usually people turn to giving the house a new lick of paint before selling. Research at the University of Queensland concluded greenery is the answer…

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Caring for your garden in unseasonal heat

Our senior arborist, Peter Mumford speaks to ABC radio Brisbane about caring for your trees and garden during the hotter seasons—the do’s and don’ts.

Preparing your home for bushfires

Peter Mumford, senior arborist and owner of Arbor Operations, made a guest appearance on ABC radio Brisbane to discuss how homeowners can prepare for bushfire season.


West End trees

Local property developer Stockwell is contracting a project arborist to help protect some of West End’s iconic 100 year old trees…

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Using arborists to protect trees on properties

Developers and property owners in Brisbane could potentially face large fines for removing trees without authorisation, according to a spokesperson from the Brisbane City Council…

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How to start a garden

Gardening is no easy task. It may seem easy because all that appears is digging and planting. However, there are many facets involved with gardening, and for those who have never…

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