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Root Barrier

Arbor Operations have experience in providing root barrier.

Invasive root systems from larger, more established trees or trees that have been inappropriately located, can result in damage to:

How can I stop tree roots from destroying my property?

Tree roots can grow in an unruly manner if not properly directed. Arborists can assess the possibility of damage before it occurs and put measures in place. This may include directing the growing roots of the tree away from property and developments.

Getting to the root of the problem

Australian native trees use a large amount of water, which can become a problem when combined with reactive soils. This is a problem because it can end up causing damage to the foundations of buildings, walls, roads and pathways. This is where root barrier comes in. At Arbor Operations, based in Brisbane, we offer this cost-effective solution for keeping roots under control.

Root barrier service offered by Arbor Operations

Root barrier, installed by Arbor Operations, is a flexible high density membrane that restricts unwanted and invasive root growth to pavements, roads, building foundations and buried installations, keeping the roots out and the moisture in.

Three important reasons why you should consider root barrier:

  1. Tree root barrier prevents the loss of moisture and soil shrinkage when the uptake of moisture becomes excessive so as to protect the foundations of buildings from the forces of matric suction. Matric suction is the pressure exerted by dry soil on surrounding soil. The dry soil equalises the moisture content in the overall block of soil.
  2. Tree root barrier is an excellent measure to prevent the hardscapes, like footpaths and pavements, from becoming damaged.
  3. Tree root barrier is a cost-effective solution that will help keep a structure stable and eliminate the threat to property.

Why you want to have root barrier

The flexible high density membrane forms an impenetrable barrier around tree roots, effectively preventing excessive moisture and dampness. One of the advantages of root barrier is that it can actually prevent the need to remove a tree. In the past a tree that was damaging foundations would normally be removed: now however, with a 1.5-3 metre trench and root barrier, the tree and foundations can be saved.

Tree roots and root barriers Brisbane

The Arbor Operations are a Brisbane based team who are experienced in providing cost-effective root barriers in South East Queensland. Let us help you protect your development and save thousands of dollars in expensive repair bills from invasive roots, while still allowing trees and plants to remain in situ.

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