Spider Lift Elevated Work Platform

Arbor Operations’ Zeus 22.11

Arbor Operations Brisbane uses the Zeus Spider Lift range of elevated work platforms. Named after the Greek king of the gods, the Zeus Spider Lift is great for larger jobs. It offers a vertical outreach of 22 metres as well as a horizontal outreach of 11 metres. And it can do this with two people in the basket.

Arbor Operations also hire out the Zeus Spider Lift

If you are looking to do some jobs where height and outreach are important, the Zeus 22.11 could the right one for you. The specifications of this elevated work platform are:

  • 200kg maximum load capacity
  • 3000kg total weight
  • 21.6m maximum working height
  • 10.8m maximum outreach
  • 340° non-continue turret rotation
  • -100°/10° jib working angle
  • 160° optional basket rotation

A great advantage of this spider lift is the variable leg placement. This comes standard with all Zeus units and allows the unit to be placed into many different configurations ideal for deploying them in:

  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Between buildings
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