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Tree Lopping and Tree Removal in Brisbane

In our comprehensive guide, we explore six factors that may warrant tree removal, including:

  • Stability: when the tree is severely structurally compromised or diseased.
  • Safety: when the tree is potentially hazardous to people or property.
  • Structural damage: when the tree impacts the infrastructure.
  • Space: when the tree becomes a deterrent to construction and/or renovation.
  • Health: when the tree is the source of allergies or if it poses any kind of health threat.
  • Natural damage: when the trees’ structural integrity is in poor condition after a storm.

Explore our comprehensive guide on Tree Removal

At Arbor Operations we know there are certain factors that make tree removal the most appropriate option in some situations. We are experienced in methods of tree removal and assure that our services will be a reflection of the highest-quality arboriculture.

We would caution against trying to cut down a tree yourself. It’s not a question of being physically capable of taking a chainsaw or an axe to a tree: because there’s much more to cutting a tree down then being able to wield a chainsaw or axe. There’s the logistics of where the tree is going to fall and how are you going to cut it down without causing damage: especially if the tree is close to power lines or the house.

Why choose Arbor Operations for your Brisbane tree removal needs?

As arborists, our trained and skilled team have the equipment and the expertise to carry out your arboricultural job safely and efficiently. We will also ensure the tree does not grow back. Something many tree loppers and homeowners don’t necessarily take into consideration. By working with qualified arborists (as opposed to tree loppers) you know you will be receiving the best in tree care and service.

Is tree removal expensive?

Affordable tree removal

In the long-term, Arbor Operations guarantee the most cost-effective tree removal services. Employing an arborist for your tree care needs is the most effective way to maintain the long-term health of your trees and ensure the safest method of removal of unwanted trees.

A tree lopper often does not conduct work that adheres to the Australian standards. If this is the case, it is likely the services will leave your trees unsustainable, and can will cost you more in the long run.

Tree Removal FAQ's

Why do we need to remove trees?

Tree removal is often an unavoidable task to ensure the safety of people and property. Some of the most common reason for tree removal, include: •  Trees can pose a safety risk due to the age and large size. •  In cities prone to storm seasons, its important to have overhanging tree branches removed or trimmed. •  If trees become infested with disease or pests, they can become weak and brittle, and more so, a safety hazard.

What is the difference between and arborist and a tree lopper?

Although both professionals may prune and cut trees, “tree loppers” indiscriminately ‘lopp’ off branches for immediate improvements which may have a negative impact on the trees in future. Arborists are trained to assess the trees and prune and cut to maintain the health of the tree with considerations of the future life of the tree and the property.

Is cutting down trees illegal?

Trees cannot be removed without a suitable assessment and a city permit. Arborists can provide the required assessment and give recommendations as to what should be done with the tree if it cannot be cut down. Arborists can also safely remove trees from property minimising the risk of damage.

When is it necessary to remove a tree from my property?

It may be necessary to have a tree removed if it is severely structurally compromised or diseased; when it is potentially hazardous to people or property; if the tree is causing structural damage to infrastructure; when it becomes a deterrent to construction or renovation; when it is a source of allergies or poses any health threat; and when the tree's structural integrity is in poor condition after a storm.

Why can't I just cut down a tree myself?

We would caution against cutting down a tree yourself, as there is more to the job than simply being able to wield an axe or chainsaw. There are a number of logistical factors to consider, particularly if the tree is close to a power line or building. We are trained arborists, which means that we have the expertise to carry out the job safely and efficiently.

Tree Removal and Tree Lopping Brisbane

Arbor Operations are your qualified tree removal specialists in Brisbane. You can rest assured all tree services are done properly while adhering to the highest standards.

To learn more about effective tree removal, download our comprehensive guide or contact us.

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