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Tree Surgeon

Tree Surgery Performed by an expert arborist

The term tree surgeon is an informal title for an arborist. This informal title arose because arborists work with individual trees and plants—not woods and forest. Tree surgery however, is a particular service offered by arborists that restores a tree’s ideal state by removing damaged tissue and providing support to weak areas.

What is tree surgery

The procedure of tree surgery requires experience and skill to determine what remedial action is required to rectify the ill health of a tree. Tree surgery is important as it provides intensive care for severely damaged trees.

Naturally, trees can withstand long years of exposure to the extreme conditions of the Australian environment. However, there are some factors which can cause a tree’s deterioration such as: storm damage, insects, and mechanical injury caused by construction equipment.

An Arbor Operations arborist can expertly determine the best remedy and the appropriate treatment for a large range of tree ailments.

How Arbor Operations can help you

There is an advantage to you for you choosing a qualified arborist to look after your trees and plants. Where a tree lopper does not appreciate the science behind tree pruning (and indeed the difference between pruning and lopping is an important one), an arborist will perform tree surgery with the long term health of your tree.

Why this is advantageous for you: in the long run you won’t have to spend as much money with an arborist as you would with a tree lopper because we will ensure the tree stays healthier for longer.

Expert Tree surgeons

Queensland’s storm season can be brutal, and to accommodate for the unpredictability of our state’s storm season Arbor Operations have emergency response teams on standby to help you in difficult times.

Sometimes it’s just not worth trying to move fallen trees when skilled professionals can do it quickly and efficiently. Also, Arbor Operations’ teams take all refuse with us leaving your home or business clean and tidy. If you wish we can leave mulch behind for your garden.

Choosing the right service for your needs

Knowing what you need is one thing. Finding the best person for the job is another thing entirely. If you are looking for an arborist who can help you with your home and business, talk with Arbor Operations. While we are based in Brisbane, we also carry out work on the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

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