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Tree Pruning & Tree Trimming Brisbane

Did you know that healthy and well-maintained trees can add significant value to your residential or commercial property?

Think of skilful formative pruning as a beneficial ‘planned injury’ to a tree. It’s essentially preventative maintenance to help it grow stronger, lusher, and keep it growing neat and tidy.

At Arbor Operations, we understand the importance of correctly pruning and maintaining your trees and hedges. Brisbane tree pruning companies without a strong understanding of arboriculture — the cultivation, management, and scientific study of trees, shrubs and woody plants — can cause significant damage to your trees, wounding them and ruining their aesthetic value.

Tree Pruning Brisbane

At Arbor Operations we understand for optimum health and longevity, trees require proper care and maintenance. Trees that are not maintained properly could become diseased or prove a threat to the safety of people and property. Tree pruning is a vital process to ensure the optimal condition and growth of trees.

For best results, tree pruning should only undertaken by individuals with an in-depth knowledge of tree biology.

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At Arbor Operations, we use our expertise in arboriculture to:

  • Enhance the aesthetics of the tree, while preserving and strengthening the tree’s health
  • Trim overgrown branches
  • Improve safety
  • Stop greenery or trees from impacting power lines and overhead cables
  • Remove the potential hazards of weak, overextended branches

Dangers Of Improper Tree Pruning

Unskilled tree trimming in Brisbane can cause irreparable damage to a tree, altering its form and balance, causing stress and in some cases, resulting in the death of the tree.

Pruning cuts can alter the way in which a tree behaves, stores food reserves, uses water and defends itself against being attacked. No branches should be removed without a reasonable objective. Our knowledgeable arborists understand how a tree will respond to pruning and what type of tree pruning in Brisbane would be best for your tree.

Benefits Of Tree Trimming Brisbane

Tree trimming or pruning by a skilled arborist can:

  • Increase the aesthetic appeal of your property, parks or campus
  • Canopy raising can allow clearance for vehicles and pedestrians to pass by safely, and to clear visibility obstructions from buildings and signs
  • Canopy cleaning can remove dead, broken, severely diseased or loose branches
  • Canopy thinning can allow more light and air movement and decrease the weight strain on the tree
  • Tree pruning can selectively remove or prune certain branches to Australian standards so your view is no longer obstructed
  • Avoid and reduce clogged drainage or gutters caused by falling leaves
  • Prevent trees from impacting power lines or telecommunication cables
  • Eliminate accidents and hazards brought about by weak, overextended branches
  • Help your trees maintain good health and structure
  • Enhance the aesthetic and economic value of your landscape

Does Your Property Need Tree Pruning?

Whether you want to enhance your property, school campus, park or premises or increase your tree’s appearance, the certified arborists at Arbor Operations can assist with your tree pruning requirements.

Keep your trees looking gorgeous and healthy with skilled pruning by Brisbane’s leading arborists.

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FAQ’s – Tree Pruning & Tree Trimming Brisbane

  • How can correct pruning reduce the risk of branch failure in a Brisbane tree?

    When we visit a client about their tree problem, we very often find that the initial stressor for the tree occurred due to incorrect pruning techniques last time their tree was pruned.

    For example, every Poinciana we treat for caterpillar defoliation has been badly pruned in the last two years. As qualified arborists, we are trained in and have been tested on correct pruning methods.

  • How often should I have my tree trimmed or pruned?

    Every species of tree is unique. Different tree species grow at dramatically different rates and factors like the tree’s location, age and condition will impact how often it needs to be trimmed or pruned. This means there’s no simple answer without examining your tree onsite.

    The best way to establish a suitable trimming and pruning routine for your tree is to arrange for a local Brisbane arborist to walk around your property with you to examine each tree. Drawing upon their wealth of experience, they will be able to provide an accurate estimate of how often to prune your various trees to keep them healthy, strong and well-kept. A skilled arborist may even be able to help you decide on an ideal rotation for trimming and pruning your trees, to space out this work throughout the year and help you budget and manage your landscaping costs.

    While there are no hard and fast rules, experts in arboriculture often advise people to prune young trees more often, to help the young tree cultivate better form and boost its vitality. This will decrease the need for future pruning as your tree matures and lower your pruning costs over its lifetime.

    If you would like a consultation for Brisbane tree pruning, including an examination of your trees, we would love to talk with you.

  • Why is it worth it to trim a tree while it is still young?

    Ideally, a tree should be pruned more often while it is still young. A skilled arborist will use Brisbane tree trimming and pruning to help improve trunk development and guide the spacing of branches, both vertically and radially, giving it a stronger scaffold structure. Ultimately, this will reduce the need for further corrective pruning as the tree grows into maturity.

    Inviting a qualified arborist to your property when you are first thinking of planting a tree is the best way to set your garden and trees up for future healthy growth.

  • Are there any guidelines you follow to trim or prune trees and shrubs?

    We follow best practice with the Australian Standard 4373-2007 for Pruning of Amenity Trees. We use techniques that are backed by science to make your plants healthy and beautiful.

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