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Tree Lopping Brisbane

Are you looking for a Brisbane tree lopping service? At Arbor Operations, we specialise in performing skilled ‘tree surgery’ on tree limbs in a way that maintains and preserves their health. Rather than using harmful tree lopping practices, we use sustainable techniques to the Australian standard and a scientific understanding of arboricultural principles to make your trees both beautiful and healthy.

For more than 30 years, Arbor Operations has helped make southeast Queensland a greener and safer place, with expert Brisbane tree cutting services designed to support the health of local trees.

With Arbor Operations, you have the confidence that your tree cutting job will be done properly, always adhering to the highest standards of arboricultural care.

Tree Lopping Brisbane Prices

Each tree is different and as such the price will depend on the unique situation. Contact our friendly team for a quote.

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“At Arbor Operations, we are passionate about environmental sustainability and committed to providing experienced, reliable and professional tree services.”

— Peter Mumford, Managing Director

High Quality Tree Cutting Brisbane

At Arbor Operations, our experienced arborists have the right skills and equipment to provide you with the best tree cutting services in Brisbane

Arbour Operations offers a full range of tree cutting services in Brisbane so that you can enjoy beautiful, well-cared for trees. As experts in arboriculture and tree management, we can:

  • Shape and thin out your tree’s canopy
  • Reduce and lift your tree’s canopy
  • Artfully trim and maintain your hedges and shrubs to promote the health of the tree
  • Help make your trees look aesthetically pleasing
  • Cut tree limbs skilfully so they let extra light into your lawn, garden and property
  • Remove deadwood and dead branches to improve the health and wellbeing of your trees
  • Eliminate dangerous seed pods and fronds from palm trees
  • Cut away branches that are rubbing together, weakening the tree structure
  • Remove tree limbs that interfere with your building, electrical wires, gutters, roof, or windows to ensure your property’s safety and your peace of mind
  • Remove tree limbs that obstruct pathways and driveways
  • Prepare your home for storm season by making sure the trees around your property are well-maintained

Of course, we’ll always clean up after we complete tree cutting work on your property.

Tree Cutting Services Brisbane

Naturally, trees can withstand long years of exposure to the extreme conditions of the Australian environment. However, there are some factors which can cause a tree’s deterioration such as: storm damage, insects and mechanical injury caused by construction equipment.

As arborists, we help make sure your tree is strong and healthy with tree cutting techniques performed to meet Australian standards.

As part of our expert Brisbane tree cutting services, our team will offer professional advice and practical tips to help you care for and maintain your trees properly. We are members of the Queensland Arboricultural Association and follow strict quality, environmental and safety standards to protect the health of your trees and your garden.

Contact The Tree Lopping Experts!

Our highly skilled arborists are trained in cutting and pruning all types of tree species, no matter what location. To learn more about our Brisbane tree lopping services, please get in touch with our friendly team.

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FAQ’s – Tree Lopping Brisbane

  • What are the dangers of hiring an unqualified tree lopper to cut my trees?

    Working with a tree lopper who has not trained as an arborist can dramatically increase the risk of tree health failure. Tree lopping, performed by an unskilled ‘tree lopper’, instead of a qualified arborist, can:

    • Disfigure and cause significant damage to the health of your tree
    • Increase the risk that your tree’s limbs will weaken and break
    • Trim your branches at the wrong point, resulting in epicormic growth or long, unsightly branches that grow from stubs
    • Use spikes to climb your tree (very harmful to the tree’s health)
    • Strip the bark from your tree
    • Result in deadwood or development of rots
    • Detract from the value of your property
    • Cost more over the long term

    Qualified arborists understand how to prune trees the right way to avoid such problems. If a tree is properly cut just beyond the branch collar, the tree can naturally close its wound. This will ultimately protect your tree from infestation by insects, borers, fungi, and other decay-causing organisms.

  • Why is it better to hire a qualified arborist over a tree lopper?

    Hiring an arborist offers many advantages when it comes to tree cutting. For example, you won’t have to spend as much money with an arborist as you would with a tree lopper because an arborist will ensure that your tree stays healthier for longer.

  • Why should I choose Arbor Operations?

    At Arbor Operations, we believe in building strong, lasting relationships with our clients. You can count on us to deliver excellent service and to follow-up after the job is complete to make sure you are absolutely satisfied.

  • What should always be included in a Brisbane tree cutting quote?

    We recommend looking for an arborist who offers a fixed price service and can guarantee that no damage will result from the service.

    Here are key details that should be included in any Brisbane tree lopping or cutting quote:

    • A description of the tree work, such as tree cutting or removal
    • A full clean-up of your site, including removal of branches and debris
    • Cutting the main trunk into smaller pieces and removal from site
  • Where do you offer your Brisbane tree cutting services?

    We provide expert tree cutting services throughout South East Queensland. While we are based in Brisbane, we also carry out work on the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

  • Can you cut my trees for Queensland storm season?

    Of course. We can help minimise any damage to your property by cutting your trees in advance before storm season starts.

    As Queenslanders, we know that Queensland’s storm season can be brutal. To accommodate for the unpredictability of Queensland’s storm season, we have emergency response teams on standby to help you in difficult times.

    Sometimes, it’s just not worth trying to move fallen trees when skilled professionals can do it quickly and efficiently. Arbor Operations’ teams take all refuse with us, leaving your home or business clean and tidy. If you wish, we can even leave mulch behind for your garden.

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