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Professional Tree Lopping & Removal

Arbor Operations offer tree care services to suit a range of arboricultural needs for residential to commercial purposes

Our team are highly-trained and experienced, and have been chosen for their skills, knowledge, and competence in the field of arboriculture and tree management. With Arbor Operations you have the confidence that your job will be done properly, always adhering to the highest standards of arboricultural care.


Why Choose Us

The key difference between an arborist and tree loppers

There is neither science nor is there consideration for the long-term health of the tree when it comes to tree lopping. The health of the tree is important when you are considering getting it pruned, because lopping leaves a tree stressed and weakened. While lopping is the indiscriminate cutting of tree branches, pruning by an arborist follows a specific purpose—that is to properly maintain the health and appearance of the tree.

Did you know that a lopped tree can detract from the value of property?

Most people think arborist is just a fancy way of saying tree lopping. But are you aware that trees which are not properly pruned can detract from the value of a property? To begin with lopping, as opposed to tree pruning, is high-maintenance, damages the tree and costs more long-term. And disfigured lopped trees are considered an impeding expense—not least because lopped trees are prone to breaking and can be hazardous.

Specialising in providing tree care services for educational institutions

Trees are important for schools. They provide shelter and cooling from the harsh Australian sun. Arbor Operations, based in Brisbane, offer a range of services for educational institutions, from primary schools through to universities and colleges. Our services include dealing with tree-related safety, like raised roots and stumps; as well as maintaining school surroundings to achieve the appropriate aesthetic impact for your school’s community.

Providing the necessary tree care, management services and consulting for our clients

Arbor Operations is a leading supplier for developers, builders, landscapers and contractors. We have advanced 3D technology to assess the health and condition of a tree. We don’t recommend removing trees unless it is absolutely necessary and we will provide you with a detailed report outlining our professional assessment of your project.

As a leading arboricultural company in Brisbane, Arbor Operations offers services above and beyond what tree loppers can do. With our advanced technology and understanding of arboriculture we have a wide range of services to help you. We service Brisbane, North Brisbane, Banyo and the surrounding suburbs.

Client Testimonials

“I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to the guys who removed the bougainvillea trees from my house in Eatons Hill. Not only did they do a superb job but they were very polite to my wife, given the trying circumstances they were under while removing the trees. From the very beginning, of the quotation phase to the completion of the job, I have been very pleased. It’s not very often that you come across a company everyone has the same level of service.”

— Sean Kays

“Hi. Just an email to say thank you so much for taking the tree down yesterday! They did such a good job of cleaning up after themselves! Thanks so much.”

— Di

“Looking out at our back garden tonight reminded me that we have not thanked you and your men for a great job.  We are so pleased with the professional way your men did their work and the garden looks so much improved.  Thank you very much”.

— Graham

“Folks, very impressed with the efficiency and thoroughness of the team today. Thanks.”

 — Peter

“Just wanting to let you know that the guys turned up this morning right on time and did a great job, it actually surprised me how quickly they were able to get everything done. They were very professional and the job they did looks really good.

I will definitely not hesitate to recommend you guys in the future.”

— Aaron 

“I just wanted to send a note of thanks to Peter and the team. I have just inspected the tree at Barina and want to compliment you all. The balance and beauty of the tree has been maintained and in my view this marks the professional quality of your work. Many thanks.”

— Alison

“Your team successfully removed the Silky Oak on Wednesday. Richard and I were very impressed at the efficiency and pleasant attitude of the team that carried out the tree removal.”

— Elspeth

“Just a short note to thank you for coming on site and to the guys who attended today. They were most professional and the morning went smoothly and all areas cleaned perfectly before they left.”

— Tracey 

“Your team did a wonderful job when they did their stump grinding. They were courteous and left my property in amazing condition. The tree crew that had been there prior were also wonderful. I was in retail and have won many awards for customer service, so I know when it’s good… and your guys were great!”

— Kerry

“I would like to take this time to thank the team of guys that were here yesterday to carry out the work at the complex.

I found them to be extremely professional and friendly and the job carried out was of a very high standard. As you can understand that I was always apprehensive about this work being carried out in regard to damage to paintwork etc, but I had no reason to be concerned. The guys were extremely professional and understanding and not a tree was touched without my okay. Their regard to safety was also of a high standard and working on a residential complex with people movement at all times was of concern to me but the guys always had an eye on the public areas and my residents.

Congratulations on employing such a professional team”

—  Garry

“My wife and I were really pleased with the work Arbor Operations had done around the house and appreciated the effort in cleaning up afterwards. Thank you.”

— Craig

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