Palm Tree Removal Brisbane QLD

Need someone to do palm tree removal for you in Brisbane?

Arbor Operations offer clients a wide range of arboricultural services. From tree pruning and stump grinding to tree surgery and tree removal, we’ve got you covered.

While palm trees look good, they can sometimes wind up being nothing but difficult. And they may need to be removed. If you are:

  • Concerned by falling palm nuts
  • Fed-up with constantly cleaning up around palm trees
  • Worried about the roots damaged paving, fencing or pools
  • Unsure how safe your palm tree is near power lines
  • Wanting to minimise potential hazards during storm season

Then you should consider having your palm tree removed.

Palm tree removal and cleaning

If you are unsure what to do, call Arbor Operations. Depending on the size of the palm tree, removal may not be necessary. However, if on inspection we do concede your palm tree needs to be removed our qualified and skilled arborists can carry out the job easily.

Calling the experts

As arborists, we are recognised in Queensland and Australia as professional arboriculturalists. That means we know what we are doing. As opposed to tree loppers who merely cut trees without long term goals.

When you hire Arbor Operations you can rest assured the long term health of your trees is taken into consideration. The benefit of which is it will be cheaper, because the way in which an arborist takes care of and maintains your trees is with their continued health in mind. A lopper merely lops.

Palm trees FAQs

How to remove a palm tree?

If you have a palm tree that, for whatever reason, you feel needs to be removed call us. We will send out one of our arborists to advise you on the best way to proceed. Remember: palm trees are in a class of their own, they are tough trees and there are very few ways to remove it properly. As such, removal a small or large palm tree should remain in the hands of a professional.

How to clean up a palm tree?

Proper maintenance and care is important to maintain the health and longevity of your palm trees. If you’re looking to clean up your palm tree, Arbor Operations offer a range of maintenance services.

Tree pruning

Arbor Operations undertake tree pruning to stop greenery from impacting power lines or other overhead cables. This is also conducted to remove potential hazards of weak overextended branches.

Tree trimming

Tree trimming on the other hand works to tidy the aesthetics of a tree.  For palm trees, tree trimming can be used to trim overgrown branches and encourage growth.

How to remove palm tree stumps?

Arbor Operations performs stump grinding with our purpose-built machine. This machinery grinds the tree stump to mulch with a cutting head. Our experienced and highly qualified professional operates the machine in an efficient manner to ensure safety of surrounding property.

How much does tree removal cost?

There are many factors to consider when quoting a tree removal. This typically involves assessing the size and location of the tree, necessary safety precautions, disposal and transportation, and lastly permits and other regulations for tree removal.

Arbor Operations offer clients a free quote to help get their green project underway. Get started here.

What is the difference between and arborist and a tree lopper?

Although both professionals may prune and cut trees, “tree loppers” indiscriminately ‘lopp’ off branches for immediate improvements which may have a negative impact on the trees in the future. Arborists are trained to assess the trees, prune and cut to maintain the health and of the tree, as well as consider the impact on the surrounding property.

When should I consider removing a palm tree?

You might want to have a palm tree removed for a number of reasons, particularly if you are unsure how safe it is near power lines, or you would like to minimise potential hazards during storm season. If you are concerned about falling palm fruit, are tired of constantly picking up leaves, or are worried about damage to fencing or pools, you might consider having your palm tree removed.

Palm tree removal Brisbane and Gold Coast

Arbor Operations offer stump grinding and tree removal services to ensure your property is clean of all debris.

If you would like to know more about how Arbor Operations in Brisbane can help with your palm tree removal, call us today.

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