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Professional Tree Removal Brisbane

At Arbor Operations, we know there are certain factors that make tree removal the most appropriate option.

We provide consultations on Brisbane tree removal, including tree felling services for residential and commercial properties.

Get Your Tree Risk Assessment

Do you have a tree on your property that might be causing damage or presents a hazard, but you are unsure if tree removal is the best option? Our qualified arborists can help you decide if the tree in question is a suitable candidate for removal.

In addition, we can provide every client with a complete tree risk assessment, including a safe and efficient plan for tree removal.

“At Arbor Operations, we are passionate about environmental sustainability and committed to providing experienced, reliable and professional tree services.”

— Peter Mumford, Managing Director

Safe Tree Felling Brisbane

Arbor Operations has the expertise, skills and equipment to complete complex tree felling jobs safely and with confidence.

Tree felling in Brisbane can be dangerous if you are not experienced in tree removal.

Our team of certified arborists are adept at removing trees in accordance with Australian standards, safely and efficiently. Our Brisbane tree felling techniques reflect our in-depth understanding of arboriculture and we have the technical knowledge to remove a tree with minimal impact on its surroundings.


We also ensure that the tree will not grow back. This is something that many tree removalists and homeowners forget to take into consideration! By choosing a certified arborist, instead of an unskilled tree lopper, you know you will be receiving the best in tree care and service.

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Tree Removal Experts In Brisbane: Get A Free Quote

Arbor Operations offer Brisbane tree removal services for residential, real estate developments and commercial properties in southeast Queensland. Receive a complimentary quote with one of our qualified arborists.

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FAQ’s – Tree Removal Brisbane

  • Is tree removal expensive?

    Brisbane tree removal cost will ultimately depend on the size and the species of the tree and its location on your property.

    Over the long term, Arbor Operations guarantee the most cost-effective tree removal services. Employing an arborist for your tree care needs is the most effective way to maintain the long-term health of your trees and ensure the safest method of removal.

  • Why do we need to remove trees?

    Tree removal is often an unavoidable task to ensure the safety of people and property. Some of the most common reason for tree removal, include:

    • Trees can pose a safety risk due to the age and/or structural deficits due to previous storm-related activity or tampering with the tree’s roof plate
    • In cities and regions prone to storm seasons like Brisbane, it’s important to have overhanging tree branches removed or trimmed.
    • If trees become infested with pests and/or infected with disease, they can become weak and brittle, and more so, a safety hazard.
  • Why can't I just cut down a tree myself?

    We would caution against attempting to cut down a tree yourself. It’s not a question of being physically capable of taking a chainsaw or an axe to a tree. There’s much more to cutting a tree down than being able to wield a chainsaw or axe. For starters, you need to consider:

    • The logistics of where the tree is going to fall
    • How are you going to cut it down without causing damage to the surrounding area
    • How to remove the tree if it is close to power lines or your home (or that of your neighbour!)
    • How to ensure your personal safety and the safety of others whilst performing tree work
  • Is cutting down trees illegal?

    In some instances, trees cannot be removed without a suitable assessment and a local council permit. Always ensure that you contact your local council for approval before hiring a contractor to remove your tree.

    We recommend hiring an arborist, who can give recommendations as to what should be done with the tree if it cannot be cut down.

    An arborist will be able to safely remove most trees from your property, minimising the risk of damage.

    Where required, Arbor Operations can liaise with local councils about protected vegetation. For advice regarding Queensland laws regarding the removal of trees, please contact us.

  • When is it necessary to remove a tree from my property?

    Tree removal should not be undertaken lightly. It may be necessary to have a tree removed in the following circumstances:

    • If it is severely structurally compromised, diseased or dead
    • If its structural integrity has been damaged by storms or other natural causes
    • If the tree is now potentially hazardous to people or property, or the roots create a tripping hazard
    • If the tree is causing structural damage to infrastructure
    • When it becomes a deterrent to construction or renovation
    • When it is a source of allergies or poses any health threat
    • If the tree has grown roots that are interfering with your property or plumbing system
  • Where do you offer your Brisbane tree removal services?

    We provide tree removal services throughout South East Queensland. While we are based in Brisbane, we also offer tree removal services for clients on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

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